Office Profile

Our office is open 6 days a week but we are contactable 24/7.
We are a very active company known for getting results.
Being located in the heart of the shopping centre, we receive significantly more walk-in and telephone inquiry than other agents.
We have an enthusiastic property management team, which manage over 100 residential properties from Exeter to Marulan.
Our property management team has vast local knowledge and is actively involved with the managing of your property.

Guarantee of Service

In managing your property, we guarantee to provide you with an excellent service. As our client, your best interests are our primary concern.
We understand that we will never be the cheapest Property Managers – someone will always be prepared to do the job for less. Our aim is to be the BEST Property Managers in the area and to provide a level of service that offers you, our client the best value for money.

We guarantee to:

Treat you with courtesy at all times.
Return your telephone calls promptly.
Move quickly to secure new tenants when your property becomes vacant.
Thoroughly screen all tenancy applications.
Effectively follow up rental arrears.
Be responsible and accurate when performing ingoing and outgoing inspections.
Obtain the best market rent for your property.
Perform regular, thorough inspections of your property.
Provide you with a detailed monthly rental statement.

We will either:

Electronically transfer your rental income into your bank account on the first working day after our month end, or if you prefer mail our cheque to you on the first working day after our month end.

We further guarantee to:

Have and maintain a thorough knowledge of the current Residential Tenancies Act, The Property, Stock & Business Agents Act and all other Legislation involved in Property Management.

Our Role

Our service to you includes the following:


We take care to select the ‘right’ tenant for your property. Our marketing of your property includes window display, 5 internet sites, handouts, signage if required and newspaper advertising where necessary.
Because our office has a high profile in our area, we attract large numbers of prospective tenants and our enquiry is quite high and often we have qualified tenants on waiting lists for rental properties and advertising is not necessary.

Legal Requirements:

It is our duty to ensure that all requirements of the various sections of Government legislation relevant to property investment are complied with.
The main sections are:
The Property, Stock & Business Agents Act
The Residential Tenancies Act
The Trade Practices Act
The Anti-Discrimination Act

Agreement Preparation:

Once a satisfactory tenant has been confirmed for your property, we arrange the preparation and signing of the Residential Tenancy Agreement and the Lodgment of the Rental Bond.We also prepare any special conditions if necessary and complete an ingoing condition report and take photos of the condition of the property.

End of Month Reporting:

Each month we prepare and forward to you a Statement of Account for you property. This statement details the rent collected and the rent period, any disbursements made on your behalf and any sundry items of expenditure which had been detailed in your Management Agency Agreement. At the end of the financial year a profit and loss report is also prepared for accounting purposes.


We believe that in order to provide a quality service, we should be available to our clients. If we are unavailable to take your call we guarantee to return your call at the first opportunity and, if necessary, arrange a mutually convenient time to discuss your concerns in detail.


We are able to advise you on the necessary insurance for your investment property. You may not realise it, but the building and contents insurance you have now may not cover you for ‘malicious damage by tenants’.


Our office has an active sales team who are achieving excellent results and prices for our clients. Should you require it, we can offer you a written market appraisal of your property at no cost or obligation to you.

Repairs and Maintenance:

We monitor repairs very closely and act on all repairs according to your instructions in the Management Agency Agreement. However, should a repair of an urgent nature (as specified in the Residential Tenancy Agreement) be reported, we need to attend to this as soon as possible as these items are considered essential services.

Urgent Repairs

Urgent repairs as defined in the Residential Tenancy Agreement are:

A burst water service or
A blocked or broken toilet system or
A serious roof leak or
A gas leak or
A dangerous electrical fault or
Flooding or serious flood damage or
Serious storm or fire damage or
A failure or breakdown of the gas, electric or water supply to the premises or
A failure or breakdown of any essential service on the premises for hot water, cooking, heating or laundering or
Any fault or damage that causes the premises to be unsafe or not secure or
Any of the damage listed in a regulation made under the Residential Tenancy Act 1987.

Repairs carried out to your property as authorized or pursuant to your instructions as outlined in the Management Agency Agreement are paid for from rent monies held in our Trust Account on your behalf.  Full details are printed on your monthly Statement of Account and copies of the relevant invoices are attached for your reference.

Tenant Management:

As your property manager, it is our duty to ensure that your tenant is well educated as to what is expected under the terms of the Residential Tenancy Agreement. We provide all tenants with a written guide as to what is expected and also a Department of Fair Trading fact sheet.
We manage the tenant for you and strive to ensure that, as far as is possible, the terms of the Tenancy Agreement are complied with.

Tenant Selection:

Our aim is to get the best possible tenant for your investment property by following strict guidelines in tenant selection.

We look for:
Stability in employment
Proof that the tenant is capable of paying the rent
A proven history of satisfactory renting

We thoroughly check all references and will not accept any tenant whose reference fails to meet our selection criteria, unless otherwise advised by you to do so. We also refer to TICA (an internet tenancy history database) which stores information of tenants who have defaulted in rents or have damaged previous rental properties.

Rent Selection:

Rent payment is hassle free for our tenants. We accept payment at our office when their rent is due, however we encourage direct bank lodgment into our Trust Account to reduce cash and risk of burglary.  This system also ensure that our tenants pay their rent automatically and this tends to reduce them falling into arrears.

Rental Reviews:

To ensure that you enjoy full market rental for your property, we regularly assess the rent paid, taking into account such factors as current market rents, the vacancy factor of similar properties in the area, the general condition of the property and the quality of the tenant and the length of the their tenancy.

Arrears Control Systems:

We produce a report every week which details any tenants who are behind in their rent. All tenants on this list are contacted to determine the reason for their late rental payment.
By closely monitoring any tenant in arrears we find that most tenants respond quickly to either a phone call or a reminder letter. Any tenant who does not respond is served with a warning letter explaining that if they do not pay, or do not contact our office to make arrangements to pay, then they will be served with a Termination Notice which gives them 14 (fourteen) days plus the necessary delivery time to vacate the property. This warning letter is usually a sufficient incentive to get most tenants to pay their rent quickly.

Disputes with Tenants:

If handled professionally and expediently most disputes between landlords and tenants can be solved.  The majority of disputes arise over rent increases, repairs and rental bond claims.
Initially, the Property Manager acts as a negotiator in disputes between the landlord and tenant.  However, if after the negotiations the parties have not been able to agree, it may be necessary to apply to the Residential Tenancy Tribunal for a hearing.
This Tribunal is an independent third party who will hear both sides of the dispute and make a decision on the matter. The findings of the Residential Tenancies Tribunal are final and may not always be to the landlord’s satisfaction, so it is always beneficial to try to resolve any problems in the initial stages.
The cost of applying to the Residential Tenancies Tribunal is $33.00 to the landlords and as your agent, we can represent you at the hearing on your behalf for the fee of $50per hour.
We also prepare the case on your behalf. Preparation for a Tribunal hearing may include obtaining quotes and taking photographs of the property for repairs or damages caused by the tenant, or researching the current rental market for comparison in the case of a dispute over a rent increase.

Initial Inspection:

Prior to the signing of any Residential Tenancy Agreement, we will carry out a carefully detailed condition report of the property and take ingoing photographs. This Condition Report forms part of the Residential Tenancy Agreement and the tenants must return a signed copy within 7 days with any further comments. (If not returned our copy forms the agreement with no changes).
These photographs and the initial inspection report are kept on file to authenticate the condition of the premises at the commencement of the tenancy.

Periodic Inspections:

Included in our management fee is a periodical inspection of your property. We do the initial inspection within three months of any new tenancy and at least twice a year after that.
Following a routine inspection of your property, you will be forwarded a written report which details the condition of the property and any recommended routine maintenance or optional work such as repainting or replacing carpet.
As well as the scheduled periodic inspections, our staff also do unscheduled drive-by viewings of the property to assess the external appearance and to satisfy ourselves that the tenant is maintaining the grounds as specified in their Residential Tenancy Agreement.

Statutory Disbursements:
Should you wish, we will pay all statutory accounts on your behalf. This includes council rates, water rates.
We will also invoice the tenant for any water usage charges where the property is separately metered and where we have received in our office, the appropriate accounts from yourselves.

Fee Structure

The surprising news to most people is that the charges and expenses are quite low in comparison to the service that you receive and that all fees are fully tax deductable.

Our fee summary is:

  • Management Fee:  8.25% (GST Inclusive) of rent collected – This includes: telephone, fax & postage costs, monthly statement, administration charges, supervision of repairs, periodic internal inspections with written report, bank & government charges, collection of water and sewerage usage charge. Electronic Funds Transfer of rent into your bank account.
  • Lettings Fee:                  One weeks rent
  • Lease Preparation Fee:   $33.00
  • Advertising Fee:             At cost


Our Team

All of us at TODDS Real Estate are true locals with many and varied contacts throughout the Southern Highlands and beyond.
Our motto is “Friendly, Motivated, Professional” and this is our team;

Mechelle Todd       Principal and Licensee in charge
Licensed Real Estate & Stock & Station Agent, Office Manager & Minister for finance.
Mechelle was born in Bowral and moved to Bundanoon in 1988. She has a diverse background with experience in hospitality, vet nursing, retail, book keeping and of course real estate sales and property management.
Mechelle identified the need for a second agency in Bundanoon after a lacklustre experience with the local agent when selling her own home. This prompted her to establish Peter Rocca Real Estate (now Todds Real Estate) in 1997 and Mechelle has been the driving force behind the business ever since.
Mechelle has had extensive sales and property management experience and plays an active role in all aspects of the business. Now Bundanoon’s longest serving real estate agent, Mechelle’s experience and knowledge of the real estate industry in Bundanoon and the surrounding area is unsurpassed by any other local agent. Mechelle along with the whole team at Todds Real Estate, is committed to providing the most motivated, friendly and professional service to all of her clients.

Elaine Angel      Property Management
Licensed Real Estate & Auctioneer & Justice of the Peace
Elaine gets on well with both landlords and tenants, stays calm in a crisis and has excellent people skills. She has worked hard to almost double our property management rent roll in recent years and enjoys helping out with reception and the odd sale as well.
A fantastic office all rounder and mother of three, Elaine began her career at Todds Real Estate in 2002 with several years of book keeping and customer service experience and a passion for helping people. Elaine was born and bred in Bundanoon, and knows just about everything there is to know about the area. When she is not helping people pay their rent, liaising with landlords or assisting customers with rental applications, Elaine likes to spend most of her time with her children and is actively involved in the Bundanoon Primary P&C association and local sporting clubs. Elaine is also a Justice of the Peace and is always willing to perform her JP duties for anyone in need of assistance.

Wayne Todd    Director
Certificate Holder in charge of Public Relations and Sales.
Wayne has a background and skills set seldom found in a real estate agent.
He was born in Mittagong and moved to Bundanoon in 1988 and has over 19 years experience in the local building industry as a plumber, roofer & gas fitter, was the owner of Bundanoon newsagency for 5 years, now with several years of solid real estate experience and many millions of dollars in sales to his credit. Wayne also has a passion for photography and this is evident in the quality of his work and the fact that he is not content with sub-standard snap shots when presenting a property for sale.
As a consequence of this extensive trade and retail background, Wayne entered the Real Estate Industry with a competitive advantage and a vast personal contact network.
The depth of his knowledge of local people and properties, his management, marketing and sales skills together with experience, all combine to ensure that his clients have a highly skilled negotiator and advisor looking after their best interests.
Wayne is still very keen and passionate about the business of selling real estate and promoting the Bundanoon area as the best place to live in the Southern Highlands.

Jo de Ligt    Sales Consultant
Certificate Holder.
Jo has lived in Bundanoon for over 30 years and is an experienced and motivated real estate sales person with a service driven attitude and a proven track record.
Having worked in the real estate industry since 1998 Jo joined the Todds Real Estate team in 2000. Jo is a good communicator and has successfully negotiated many sales, selling millions of dollars worth of real estate in Bundanoon and surrounding villages. Jo is also a talented musician, sings in the Serendipity Choir of Bundanoon and loves to spend time with her kids and grandkids when she is not selling real estate. 
With a vast knowledge of the local area and a welcoming and genuine personality, Jo has developed many enduring friendships with her clients over the years and this is testament to her dedication, honesty and fine character.

What happens next?

A signed Management Agency Agreement gives us Authority to act as your Agent, once this is completed then we commence with our management role.

We will contact all clients on our database and ‘match’ them with the attributes that your property offers.

We will:
o    Photograph the property for our records
o    Prepare a rental listing sheet for the property
o    Require 2 (two) sets of keys to the property (1 for prospective tenants & 1 office set)
o    Commence advertising

Our property manager will contact you to discuss prospective tenants and gain approval of acceptance from you if required.