Tenant Information

Once an application for tenancy has been accepted it is important for the tenant to understand their responsibilities in regards to taking care of the property and paying rent on time.
We at Todds Real Estate want to make the whole process as easy as possible and have outlined below some easy steps to achieve this.


An essential obligation under the lease is to pay rent on time. Payment methods available include direct debit, bank cheque and cash.

If for any reason you anticipate a problem with paying the rent when it is due it is important to contact us as soon as possible.
The rent is due on or before the due date. If you are unsure of when the rent is due please call our office to get a current tenant ledger.
We have a strict arrears policy whereby if the rent is in arrears a friendly reminder letter will be sent. Another letter will be sent if the rent is 10 days in arrears informing you that should the arrears be more than 14 days late a termination notice will be issued asking for vacant possession.
Withholding rent because a repair is not done as quickly as you would like is illegal.


The other obligation under the lease is to maintain and care for the property while you are a tenant. On moving into the home we will complete a condition report and provide a copy for you to fill in. Your copy of this report must be returned to our office within 7 days of the start of the tenancy. This is a very important document and it is in your best interest to go through it carefully.
We will carry out periodic inspections during the tenancy, with prior notice, to ensure the property is well maintained both inside and out.
If there should be a maintenance problem please notify our office as soon as possible. There is a maintenance request form available on line and contact mobile phone numbers are included in your information folder at the start of the tenancy. If a genuine emergency should arise outside of working hours the contact numbers for
    PLUMBER  -         Les Rundle       0408 970 648
    ELECTRICIAN    -     Chris Bromfield  0428 483 623


On moving into the property you will be asked to pay a rental bond which is equal to 4 weeks rent. The bond will be lodged with the NSW Office of Fair Trading and a receipt issued. The bond will be promptly refunded to you when you vacate the property, after a  satisfactory final inspection is done and rent has been paid up to the vacate date.


It is the tenants responsibility to arrange for the connection of all services to the property. We have available a form from Direct Connect which is a company that can arrange these connections for you at no expense.
At the end of the lease remember to arrange for the disconnection of services.


At the beginning of the tenancy a set of keys will be provided and you will be asked to sign for them. If any keys are lost and need replacing during the tenancy this can be done at the tenants expense.


We encourage all tenants to have their own contents insurance to cover their possessions.


Sometimes it is necessary for a tenant to leave a property during the term of the lease. If this should happen please contact us at our office to discuss as soon as possible. It may be possible that another tenant can be found to replace you in the lease. The cost for breaking the lease is one weeks rent as a re-letting fee and of course you have to continue paying rent until the new tenant moves in.
To leave the property at the end of the lease period we require written notice 14 days prior to the end of the lease, if the fixed period is over then 21 days written notice is required.
All tenants must sign the notice to vacate.
A final inspection will be arranged, please refer to the ingoing condition report as this will be the guide that the agent uses to ensure the property is in the same condition as when you moved in. If there should be a discrepancy we will organise a professional to do the work and account to you for the invoice. Please remember that rent will be charged until all the keys are returned to our office.


We aim to provide the best service possible to ensure that all our clients, both tenants and landlords are happy. If you have any questions regarding the above please contact our office.
Remember if you  have any concerns during your tenancy it is best to call us as soon as possible to discuss the matter.
CONTACTS    elaine@toddsrealestate.com.au       
FAX             02 4883 6245
PHONE         02 4883 6744
We look forward to do doing business with you.

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